Propelair customer Thames Water wins ICE award for bathroom refurbishment project

Congratulations to our customer Thames Water, selected this month by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as winner of the Chris Binnie Award for Sustainable Water Management 2016.

ice-award-cropped-resizedTheir water efficiency projects at Clearwater Court and Walnut Court, which included the installation of Propelair toilets to replace existing low-flush units, were identified by the ICE Water Expert Panel as this year’s strongest example of industry-leading innovation, outstanding savings in water use, and wide potential applicability. The projects delivered a 50% reduction in total building water consumption at Clearwater Court and a 66% reduction at Walnut Court.

The first water efficiency trial began in June 2015 at Clearwater Court, when Propelair toilets were selected along with sensor taps and urinal sensors from another supplier to develop a best practice bathroom case study for business customers in two bathrooms. Propelair uses an innovative air-based operating principle and just 1.5 litres of water per flush, and although previous fittings at the head office were considered efficient Thames Water recorded savings of 80.7% in toilet water consumption. Following the success of the pilot, Propelair was installed in all bathrooms throughout Thames Water’s Clearwater Court, Walnut Court and Spencer House sites earlier this year.

The bathroom refurbishment project achieved an overall water saving of 83% compared to previous fittings – an average of more than 3,000 litres per person per year. By refurbishing all the Clearwater Court bathrooms using Propelair toilets, sensor taps and urinal sensors Thames Water expect to save over 4 million litres of water per year – a projected annual cost saving of almost £10,000.

Professor Chris Binnie has been aware of Propelair’s water-saving potential for some time, and said, “I am delighted that the Institution of Civil Engineers has selected this installation for the Chris Binnie Annual Award for Sustainable Water Management for 2016. I hope that many more commercial users will choose this technology for new or refurbished bathrooms in the future.”

Following the pilot project, Thames Water developed a case study document to highlight what might be the easiest and most successful water efficiency win for an existing office building. The case study is being promoted to many thousands of business organisations and sites across London and the Thames Valley, and similar refurbishment projects have already been carried out on the back of this with installations of Propelair WCs at the Lyceum Theatre, the Oracle Shopping Centre and the Majedski Stadium in Reading. We look forward to continued collaboration with Thames Water on further water-saving initiatives next year.

Click here to read Thames Water’s full water efficiency case study.