Propelair can be installed onto existing drainage systems for the following applications:

  • New developments
  • Refurbishments
  • Retrofit
  • Portable

Installation Types

Conventional Method

Easily retrofitted to existing drainage systems using 4inch (110mm) bore pipes.

Propelair can be installed as a like-for-like replacement for conventional toilets on vented gravity drainage systems, and the low-pressure flush has been proven not to disturb the water traps of adjacent toilets.


Conventional Drainage Method

Revolutionary Method

Alternatively, Propelair can connect onto 2inch/50mm small bore flexible pipes.

Propelair can connect to existing drains using a 2 inch/50mm flexible waste pipe, which the air flush can push the waste through without a gradient, unlike conventional toilets which rely on a fall in the plumbing network.

Revolutionary Drainage Method

Revolutionary Benefits

Restroom positioning freedom

Toilets can be installed virtually anywhere, working within your design plans.

Eliminates expensive drain alteration costs

If repositioning of the toilet was required.

Add toilets

Without having to extend the existing drainage system.

Space saving

Small bore pipes use significantly less space than conventional drainage pipes.

Electrical Supply

Propelair requires electrical supply and uses approximately 750 joules per flush. Based on electrical cost of 14p/kWh, 1000 flushes would cost just 3p in electrical charges.

We provide the following electrical supply options:

  Battery Version (24 Volt)

Operates using a trickle battery and charger. The battery has to be charged via the mains, solar or wind charges.

Suitable for:

  • Off grid properties
  • Temporary installations
  • Unreliable power supplies

  Mains Version (240 Volt)

  • Directly runs off the mains electrical supply
  • Low current can be powered from existing circuits

If you have your own preferred installation, we offer a commissioning service whereby one of our technicians will visit the site to ensure the installation has been carried out properly. Propelair can be installed by a competent plumber with basic electrical experience.

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