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Propelair, seeking UK distribution partners

As Propelair continues expansion across the UK and overseas, we are delighted to be seeking a number of exclusive partnerships with key distributors.

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Propelair, supporting CSR policy.

The focus on corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly hot topic with major brands all committing to achieve optimistic targets in various areas including efficiency and sustainability.

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Heatwaves and hosepipe bans hit the headlines again…

With the ongoing issue of water shortages in the UK hitting our headlines once again, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that water consumption is a hot topic.

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Investec leads £8m investment in Propelair

Investec, Earth Capital Partners and Universal Partners invest in Propelair, maker of the world’s most water efficient flushing toilet.

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  • The Propelair toilet was chosen because of Winchester City Council’s commitment to carbon and water reduction. The toilet offers substantial water savings and feedback from their previous clients was positive. The design is modern and it has been well received by our customers.

    Paul Cooke - Sustainability Manager, Winchester City Council

  • We installed Propelair toilets at the Peacock Theatre over 2 years ago, as our old, traditional cisterns were taking too long to refill and breakdowns were common. These issues are now a thing of the past, and the new toilets have proved to be very low maintenance indeed. Although there are many very good modern toilets available on the market today none seem to be as uniquely cost effective as the Propelair toilet, which requires very little water to complete a flush. The environmental benefits of this this type of water-saving technology are also incredibly important.

    Daniel Knapton – Building Services, Peacock Theatre

  • The Propelair toilets are very good, and customers have found them easy to use. We value the water savings they provide, and although the technology differs to that of a conventional toilet Propelair have provided our maintenance team with a ‘masterclass’, demonstrating that any technical issues are actually very straightforward to fix.

    Garry Chambers - Assistant Manager, McDonalds Canterbury

  • We were experiencing blockages nearly every day in one public toilet located outside maternity which was very heavily used. Since replacing this with a Propelair unit 10 months ago there have been no reported blockages. The women’s staff toilet used to block on a daily basis too, but this hasn’t happened since installing Propelair 4 months ago. The toilets work really well and offer savings not just on water but on maintenance costs and call-outs too.

    Bill Dickson - Energy & Environment Manager, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust