Propelair uses minimal electricity. At existing electricity price levels, 1000 Propelair flushes costs the equivalent of £0.03 in electricity charges.
Yes, British Standards already exist for electric toilets. Propelair has been rigorously tested by the British Standards Institute before they awarded it the prestigious Kitemark.
About seven years or you can install a mains version if you prefer.
The toilet can be flushed with a bucket of water, which is not possible with a vacuum flush.
150 flushes which is around one day’s usage for an office toilet.


No, there is no evidence that it would. Water usage per person is twice what it was in 1930.
Propelair does not block easily. However, if it were to block, conventional plungers and rods can be used, which is an advantage over some other low-flush WC systems. Should there be a power cut, Propelair can also be flushed with a bucket of water.
All standard types and flexi pipe.
Tests are to EN997 completed by WRAS.
Yes, this is internal and will drain into pan. There is also a fluid category 5 water cistern, which is the highest protection of the public water main. A further optional overflow is also at the bottom of the cistern which can be installed via hep valve if required.


Propelair has plug-and-play connectors which means installation is very straightforward for professional installers. For the majority of commercial installations electricity is already available.
Yes, but we shall be running a preferred installer scheme.


Propelair has been designed to be maintenance free for life (the equivalent of 20 years normal usage). The smooth contours and unique hinge system actually make cleaning and care far simpler.
Yes, the toilet outperforms any other WC on the market and has been extensively tested.
They can be cleaned with a standard toilet brush.
Two years on all parts, subject to normal terms and conditions.


Yes, it has been extensively tested and holds all the relevant certificates.
WRAS, BSI kitemark, CE mark and it’s on the ECA Water Technology List making it eligible for enhanced capital allowances.
The toilet is ready to be flushed again in 30 seconds with standard water
No, it's the designer's responsibility to reduce the water usage within the
No, but these will be developed in the future.
Propelair is aimed at commercial use rather than residential as it incorporates a concealed cistern but it can be installed at home.
Yes, at additional cost.
Not yet, but there will be modifications in future.