Winchester City Council, Guildhall

Winchester City Council

Winchester Guildhall

Propelair toilets have been installed at Winchester’s Guildhall. This has provided the council with substantial environmental and financial benefits.


Collectively an estimated saving of 762,119 litres will be achieved over the year. This substantial water saving is equivalent to the same amount of water required to run just over 9,500 baths.

Annually the toilets will use 273 Kg less CO2, translating to the same amount of carbon emissions generated in 475 cab journeys in central London.


Each unit is expected to save approximately £320.83 annually. During the 15-year life of the toilets, Winchester Council will save around £38,500.


Propelair also provides health and well-being advantages to the Guildhall’s staff, customers and visitors.

Every time a conventional toilet is flushed, sprays of contaminated water become airborne, landing on washroom surfaces. With Propelair’s unique air flush system, the spread of these airborne germs is eradicated – helping to prevent sickness amongst users and reducing unproductive absences.

Metered Water Charge Flushes Per Day Current Flush Volume Annual Savings Payback
Water Financial
£3.37/m3 63 7.64l 95,265l £320.83 3 yrs

(All figures represent a single Propelair unit)

Paul Cooke, Sustainability Manager, Winchester City Council:

The Propelair toilet was chosen because of Winchester City Council’s commitment to carbon and water reduction. The toilet offers substantial water savings and feedback from their previous clients was positive. The design is modern and it has been well received by our customers.

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