Thames Water Head Office, Clearwater Court

Thames Water

In June 2015 Thames Water began a water efficiency trial at their Clearwater Court head office in Reading. They replaced 5 of the existing dual-flush WCs with Propelair WCs (2 in a men’s and 3 in a women’s bathroom), and also fitted sensor taps and urinal sensors from another supplier. Savings were monitored over several months, and this enabled Thames Water to develop a best practice bathroom case study for business customers.


The bathroom refurbishment achieved an overall water saving of 83% – 11,636 litres per day based on average use or over 606,000 litres per year in just two bathrooms.  The installation of Propelair toilets and Cistermiser sensor taps and urinal sensors throughout the building is expected to achieve a saving of over 4 million litres of water per year. Given that the previous fittings were considered efficient, the refurbishment represents a vast improvement.


Thames Water have predicted that the refurbishment of all the Clearwater Court bathrooms using Propelair toilets, sensor taps and urinal sensors will result in an annual cost saving of almost £10,000.


Propelair also provides health and well-being advantages to the staff and visitors at Clearwater Court. Every time a conventional toilet is flushed, particles of contaminated water become airborne, landing on washroom surfaces. With Propelair’s unique air flush system the spread of these germs is reduced by 95%, helping to prevent sickness amongst users and reducing unproductive absences.


Following the success of the initial trial, Thames Water opted to refurbish all of the bathrooms at its Clearwater Court, Walnut Court and Spencer House sites using Propelair. The refurbishment project has delivered a 50% reduction in overall building water consumption at Clearwater Court and a 66% reduction at Walnut Court.

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